About Us

Sd-subs.com is a subscription sharing website that allows to connect subscription owners with co-subscribers to save money. SD SUBS takes the carpooling philosophy and extends it to the world of subscriptions. Over past three years, We have won the favor of hundreds of thousands of streaming fans by offering them quality service and attentive support, SD SUBS is grateful for the appreciation and preference of loyal user, and our business is constantly expanding to prepare for new challenges and conquer more fields. We will create more value and provide more services for user in the field of streaming media.

Secure Products

As SD SUBS represents a solid adversary against scammers and hacks, we promise all the products sold on SD SUBS are safe and legit, which means the product was obtained legally, there is no involvement of cheating software and illegal transaction. After the user pays, products will be delivered in real time, the whole process will be smooth and fast without waiting. SD SUBS makes it possible to share subscriptions securely and legally.

Legit Products

Is sharing access to a product or service legal?

The answer is YES, the Group Subscription Plans are made for that.

After registering with SD SUBS , you will automatically join the SD SUBS virtual family. You will be entitled to a SD SUBS subscription virtual home sharing service.

Although they have a higher price compared to basic plans, Group Premium Subscription Plans offer users the possibility to share access to products and services in a group, provided that the terms of use are respected. SD SUBS provides users with a platform to make sharing costs among members of Group Subscription Plans easier.

Instant Response

Our SD SUBS customer service team are consist of well-trained streaming fans who are working in shift to offer you 24/7 online service, what make them stand out are the fact that they take pleasure in helping others, SD SUBS is confident that they will offer you attentive service with enduring passion and abundant gaming knowledge. The internal system in SD SUBS will distribute workload effectively to make sure every customer gets timely and empathetic service.

Safe and Easy Payment

SD SUBS  supports multiple payment methods and has stared firm partnerships with mainstream payment service providers such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Binance pay, Skrill, and etc. The paying process will certified by these third-party payment companies just to make sure you will always have an option to refund. The whole process of purchase is very simple and easy to comprehend, you are able to trace your order as well, please feel free to contact our 24/7 live support team if you have any concerns.